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Yoga Course: 5 Sessions - $575 | Continuing Yoga: 3 sessions - $325 or 1 session - $125
Each session is 90 minutes long and will include Yoga Asana instruction, and 15 minutes of Pranayama and 15 minutes of Meditation instruction.

Yoga, pranayama and meditation are the most beneficial self-practices that I have personally experienced as well as witnessed in others. Whether your goal is to integrate them as a life changing practice, or as a supportive weekly regime, I am here to teach you the best way to practice for your constitution.

New Clients are to book for the Yoga Course. During your first session, you will have an Ayurvedic assessment of your bodily constitution and we will discuss your goals for your practice. After completion of the Yoga Course, you can choose a session at a time or continue with packaged sessions.

Your initial meeting and Ayurvedic assessment will shape the type of yoga asana practice to best suit you to meet your goals. Your focus may be on strengthening your muscles, improving your physical balance, increasing your stamina, or building your capacity for mental stillness through long held physical poses.