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Natal Reading

Your First Reading - $180

A Natal Reading serves as a foundation for your understanding of Vedic Astrology and for further work that we do together. This first reading orients you to your innate nature and your psychological profile. It provides an overview through the domains of your life, such as relationships, career, finances, etc., as well as trends and events that you will experience over the next few years.

After your Natal Reading we can focus on specific topics, as suggested below, with greater detail and helpful recommendations.

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Question on your Mind?

Specific Query - $120

Do you have a specific question about an area of your life that you’d like guidance on? This reading will be catered to address, in detail, your specific query. I have found this reading to be the most emotionally supportive tool when challenging circumstances arise, and a helpful guide in finding mental clarity to navigate through a specific period of time in life.

Year Overview

Flowing through the upcoming year with ease - $120

Through this overview, you will see the changes that are most likely to come about for you, possible shifts in areas of your life and how to navigate them in the best possible manner. You can then better manage your expectations for plans, projects, ideas, and relationships that may be on your mind.

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Navigating your Relationships - $360

First there’s the relationship to our Self (natal reading), then how we relate to our family (blood connected or environmentally connected), then friendships, lovers, business colleagues, etc. A Relationship reading can be done by looking at any of these combinations. For your session, we will look at two charts - your birth chart and the other person that you are navigating your relationship skills with.

Maintaining your Health in Mind, Body and Spirit - $120

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, your Health Reading is presented to you through an Ayurvedic psycho-physiological perspective. It informs you of your astrological Prakruti (innate constitution), your Vikruti - the health imbalances that are presenting for you at this moment in time and in what systems, and the mental and emotional fluctuations that will shape those health experiences. We will look at what may arise over the next two years and how you can empower your health experience in the best way possible.