Pranayama Course: 5 Sessions - $375 | Continuing Pranayama: 3 sessions - $215 or 1 session - $85
The first session in your Pranayama Course will be 90 minutes long; each session after that is 60 minutes.

Pranayama (energy extension) is the practice of specific breathing techniques to improve your state of health. It provides incredible amounts of health benefits when practiced on a daily basis. It greatly enhances your mental clarity, thus establishing a stable internal environment for you to navigate through your external one. Certain breathing techniques may be geared towards improving digestion to address allergies, or with the intent to alleviate anxiety and stress.

For example, to strengthen your immune system and increase your stamina, Kapalabhati - the shining skull breath - is recommended. To help eliminate anxiety and hormonal stress, Nadi Shodhana - alternate nostril breathing, is going to be the solution for relief.

Our first session together will include a constitutional assessment, a discussion of your health goals and a Pranayama practice. You will be encouraged to keep a diary of your at-home practice. During each session we will review what your experiences are, what areas may need improvement and experience the refinements on how to take your practice deeper.