Meditation Course: 3 Sessions - $255 | Continuing Meditation: 3 sessions - $215 or 1 session - $85
In the Meditation Course, the first session will be 90 minutes long; each session after that is 60 minutes.

Being physically still - pausing - allows us to fully realize all the ebbs and flows of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that we consciously and subconsciously carry around with us….all the time! Some of these thoughts, emotions, physical sensations we may look to as amazing and wish they would always stay or at least happen more often, and others we may decide are terrible and wish they would go away for ever.

Meditation is about finding stillness on a daily basis that allows all these thoughts, emotions and physical sensations to just ebb and flow without attachment. The more we can practice this stillness, the more empowered we become in seeing all situations as beneficial, without grasping on to them. We learn to be compassionate to ourselves, more accepting of others, and experience a balanced emotional, mental and physical state of well-being every day.