Energy Balancing


Color Toning

60 min - $85

Color Toning is experienced by using special filters that are placed on a light overhead, and shone on an area of the body. For an overall energy boost, we work through the major energy centers, chakras, by using the color associated with each center. For a specific intention to work on, more focus will be  placed on that chakra and matching color. Color Toning restores balance to your physical, emotional, mental and energetic experiences in life.

Sound Alignment

60 min - $85

Sound Alignment uses tuning forks either placed on the body working with specific marma points (see marma chikitsa) or moving  through the energetic field. Each tuning fork has a special frequency that resonates with a specific energy center. When placed on the body on specific marma points, any stagnant energy residing along that pathway through that energy center and corresponding organ system are cleared. When we travel the tuning forks through your energy field, we allow any stored or unresolved memories that naturally accumulate over time to release