Ayurvedic Therapies

Abhyanga Massage

60 min - $144     /   90 min - $179    /   2 -Therapists 60 min - $229
To allow the herbal oils sink deeper into your skin, add a 15-minute steam afterwards - $20.

Abhyanga is the Sanskrit term for an oil massage. Warmed Ayurvedic herbal oils are selected to balance your constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) along with attars, essential oils. The massage style is slow, deliberate, and targets the lymphatic system to aid detoxification. Oil is applied in the ears supporting healthy hearing function; on the scalp, stimulating neurological function along with healthy hair growth; and, in the nose to protect the sinuses against allergic irritations and improve breathing capacity.

Find out about Diet & Lifestyle balancing with an Ayurvedic Consultation and schedule a seasonal Panchakarma to revitalize all your senses.


60 min - $127 with specialized Shirodhara oil

Experience a state of deep relaxation by having warm herbal oils flow smoothly across your forehead for 20 minutes, concluding with a gentle, awakening head massage to send you on your way feeling relaxed and alert. Shiro means head, and dhara means flow. It is highly recommended for people going through mental stress, helping to reduce symptoms of sinus headaches, migraines, TMJ, neck pain, and promotes regular sleep patterns. It is a standard treatment that is included as part of a panchakarma cleanse.

Marma Chikitsa

60 min - $85   /  90 min - $120

Marma means mortal or vulnerable point. These points are accessed on the body through varying pressure applied by the fingertips or tuning forks. Their specific location serves as a communication gateway pertaining to the functioning of a deeper organ or whole system, your psycho-physiological balance, as well as the pranic energy flow through your mind and body. When pressure is applied, it triggers the release of any blockages residing in that area and restores balance back to your system.

External Bastis

An external basti is used to relieve localized pain, strengthen and relax a specific area, and sometimes invite profound emotional releases. Warm medicated herbal oil or ghee is poured in a circular dam of dough that is placed on specific areas of the body for 30 minutes. The herbs infused in the warm oil work through the layers of tissues, muscles and bones to reduce the aches and pains in that area. For chronic conditions it is recommended to have 1 treatment per week for 3-weeks.

Netra Basti - $110
Bathing the eyes with warm ghee relieves dry eyes, strengthens the eye muscles, improves vision and relaxes the nervous system. You can do one eye per day, or have both eyes done in one session.

Manya Basti - $60
This covers the area on the back of the neck from C1 - C7. It nourishes & strengthens the neck muscles, relieves nerve and muscle pain, and helps vertebrae alignment.

Prushtha Basti - $90
This covers the area of the back from C7 to T12. Like the Manya basti, it helps with vertebrae alignment, relieve nerve and muscle pain, as well as alleviate sciatica pain and muscle spasms.

Kati Basti - $60
This covers the lumbo-sacral area. A real tonic for anyone experiencing low back pain, hip pain, constipation as well as any reproductive disorders.

Full Spine Tension Relief - $150
This covers your entire spine from C1 down to the sacrum. It strengthens your whole spine, reduces pain and discomfort, and takes you into a deep, relaxed state through which you release tension and anxiety you may not be aware you are holding.

Hrd Basti - $60
Using specialized herbal Ayurvedic oils, this Heart Basti nourishes and strengthens the cardiac muscles, and helps to gently release unresolved emotions.
1 hr - $60

Nabhi Basti - $60
This is placed around the belly button. It improves digestion and assimilation, relieves abdominal pain and bloating, balances your nervous systems and promotes awareness of your energy .

Basti Basti - $60
This is placed on the Supra-pubic area - which is the space between your belly button and your pubic bone. It helps to reduce symptoms that are associated with cystitis (UTI), cystocele (prolapse), fibroids, incontinence, pelvic disorders, and menstrual imbalances.