Ayurvedic Health Consultation

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Ayurvedic Health Consultation - $120.

Includes initial Ayurvedic Health Consultation and recommendations.
Follow-up Ayurvedic Health Consultations - 1 hr: $60

Ayurveda is a complete system of knowledge to manage physical health, mental balance, spiritual well-being, social welfare, relationships, environmental issues, dietary and lifestyle habits, as well as the treatment of specific ailments. Ayurveda is that it can be integrated into anyone’s life from any culture and any time of life. The purpose of Ayurveda is to awaken our innate intelligence for self-care, maintain a healthy exchange with our mind, body, emotional and spiritual nature, and, therefore, be able to create healthier relationships with all beings.

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, I am here to support you in reaching your health improvement goals thereby promoting optimal health through all the layers of Self - mental, physical, emotional and energetic. In our first meeting together, we will establish what your innate constitution is (Prakruti) and what is out of balance for you right now (Vikruti). This is done through pulse assessment, discussion of your health history, and your daily routines. We will agree upon the goals you are striving towards and prioritize them to be integrated into your life with gradual and manageable changes.

Based upon your assessment, recommendations will be compiled for you to support you in reaching your desired goals. These recommendations will include suggestions in dietary and daily routines for you to follow, as well as any Ayurvedic therapies, bodywork, energy work, or herbal forumlas, to provide extra support for your health management and well-being.

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