Aromatherapy Consultation


First Time Aromatherapy Consultation - $85
Follow-up Aromatherapy Consultation - $45
Your Unique Blend- $15 - $40

Aromatherapy is one of the most delightful methods to promote physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. I create a unique blend for you by researching which essential oil properties and chemical compounds within the specific oils will best achieve your goals. With each blend I create, I fine-tune the selection of essential oils to elevate the emotional and energetic frequencies needed at this time.

When you set up your appointment with me, I will send you a health history form to complete before we meet in person. Phone and Skype consultations are also available for your Aromatherapy Consultation. The information from your health history form ensures the safest essential oil blend will be created for you. When we meet, we’ll discuss what your goals are and which aromatherapy applications are best suited for your purpose. The benefits of aromatherapy remedies are experienced through inhalation like a personal inhaler, diffusers or steam; and topically with self-massage blended with carrier oils like jojoba, tamanu oil, avocado oil, or in lotions, taking baths, using roll-ons, gargling, and body washes!

A unique aromatherapy blend will be created for you shortly after our consultation. After an agreed amount of time, we’ll have a follow up chat to ensure your blend is meeting your expectations and if any additions need to be made.